Oliven, paprika, løg6 DKK10 DKK
Ananas, champignon, spinat, jalapenos, squash, aubergine8 DKK14 DKK
Ost, fetaost, rucola12 DKK20 DKK
Kødsauce, skinke, pepperoni, bacon, cocktailpølser, kylling14 DKK24 DKK
Gorgonzola, gedeost, parmesan, mozzarella15 DKK26 DKK
Parmaskinke20 DKK38 DKK
Shawarma14 DKK24 DKK
Kartofler 12 DKK24 DKK
Hakket oksekød14 DKK24 DKK
Artiskok10 DKK18 DKK
samidried tomater.14 DKK26 DKK
bernaise sauce8 DKK16 DKK
Dressing 5 DKK10 DKK

An essay could be described as a structured written work that introduces an idea or an opinion on some issue. It usually is, in terms of its articles, non-attached or written with the support of the student or the professor. The essay is, by definition, an oral composition that supply the writer’s opinion, but this definition may be obscure, overlapping strongly with those of an guide, a letter, literature, an article, and also a brief story. Essays have often been considered as both formal and casual or academic and personal.

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